About Cosmexp

We are a team of an environmental engineer with a master’s degree in industrial pollution, Associate Professor, MD, Specialist, PhD, PhD and international business manager. We believed in the spirit of living in balance and respecting the nature. Preferred organic foods, tried to use handmade, none chemical products. We started relationships with new international clients and added vibrant segments to accessories lines.  we are committed to taking new handmade, upscale products to great lengths in the fashion world in Americas and Canada. Now we are managing our own business, and mostly concentrating on producing and selling boutique and premium level handmade, non-chemical products. We love and trust our products because we prepare, and we know how its been produced. With great passion, we take major steps to improve and help maintain the modern images of our clients and associates. As a pioneer of accessories fashion, you can be assured that we will always take those steps in style.